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  Pow-Mia Eagles Mc Danmark


This club is a Mc club, mainly for men who have

completed there military service. However, we noted that there are many men who have never had the chance to perform military service, and hence no chance of active service, but whose hearts beat to support our active troops. Therefore, a percentage of the Pow-Mia Eagles Mc Danmark not be veterans, this will be available on their jackets.

One objective of the Pow-Mia eagles Mc is to help

support our returning soldiers from active service

by various initiatives through the club.

It is also intended to be a club that understands

that there is both families and jobs which must be

taken care of. Then it must be like to be a club you

are happy to be with.

Pow-Mia Eagles Mc Danmark is not a criminal

motorcykel club and is not support for other mc clubs, and has no interest in other clubs business.

If you want to know more about Pow-Mia Eagles Mc Danmark in Denmark you can contact our president on email. woodcock@live.dk












Our soldiers fight for us.

We fight for our soldiers.